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With data governance as the hub, the erwin EDGE creates an “enterprise data governing experience” for data-driven insights, agile innovation, regulatory compliance and business transformation.  By integrating enterprise architecturebusiness processdata mapping and data modeling, it enables organisations to get a handle on how they handle their data. With the broadest set of metadata connectors and automated code generation, data mapping and cataloging tools, the erwin EDGE Platform simplifies the total data management and data governance lifecycle.


Alation, the first to bring a data catalog to market, is building a data-fluent world by changing the way people find, understand and trust data. Alation combines machine learning and human collaboration to bring confidence to data-driven decisions. Alation automates data inventory; proactively makes smart recommendations, as you wrote queries; offers recommendation engine for your data with a searchable catalog that reveals user behaviour of your data.


To compete in the digital era, data leaders must accelerate decision-making through data democratization while ensuring compliance. Whether it’s complying with established and emerging privacy regulations, gaining insights into the big data lake while taming data sprawl, optimizing cloud migrations by identifying good business data, or enabling self-service data analytics, the data-driven enterprise must empower stakeholders to confidently answer three fundamental questions:

  • What data is available?
  • Where did it come from?
  • What is the level of trust?

ASG Data Intelligence helps enterprise organizations successfully fulfill defensive and offensive data strategies by capturing and governing information supply chains that empower stakeholders to find, understand, share and analyze trusted data. ASG is recognised as an Industry Leader in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions.

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Training Partners

Genesee Academy

Genesee Academy is a world leader in training, seminars and advising for data warehousing, data vault, ensemble modelling, data integration and business intelligence professionals. Genesee Academy provides world class DWBI training from the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to Business Intelligence with the latest on multi-structured data, enterprise integration, big data, information visualization, DW2.0 with Bill Inmon, hyper-agility and Agile Data Warehousing.

For more information, please visit www.geneseeacademy.com


Hear From Some Of Our Clients

EC Integrators’ Principal Consultants’ attention to detail, approach commitment and grasp of a highly complex strategic solution allowed for both short term and strategic wins.

WorkStar Award


ECI worked longer hours and harder than any of us to ensure that we deliver the system on time. All the credit really goes to ECI.

Kersi Katgara, IT Projects


I can now balance back to the cent – which is fantastic news !!!


Senior Sales & Marketing Analyst

EC Integrators’ Principal Consultants’ ownership and commitment ensured the project was completed within a very short time frame. Despite the task being substantially more complex than initiallt thought, they showed great dedication and determination to ensure the task was completed on time.

WorkStar Award