Boost Analyst Productivity with The World’s First Collaborative Enterprise Data Catalog

With Alation data catalog, data analysts and scientists can find, understand, trust, use, and reuse data—making them much more productive.

Increasing productivity of your data analysts and data scientists

Ask EC Integrators how Alation can help your users self-serve and understand the context
of data.

The Problem Alation is Solving

The Alation Enterprise Data Catalog

Increase Analyst Productivity

Analysts can quickly find relevant data they need and understand the context of it, instead of wasting time searching for it.

Improve Data Comprehension

Through machine learning, Alation automatically suggests and prioritises new business terms based on their popularity.

Remove IT Bottlenecks

Users can self-serve and understand the context of data.

Enable Collaboration

Analysts and other data consumers can easily identify and communicate with data stewards and subject matter experts.

Minimize the Risk of Data Misuse

Data is curated by describing what it is, how to use it and classifying what it relates to. Trusted data can be certified and surfaced in SQL queries or BI reports using Alation’s TrustCheck feature.

More Easily Expose and Interpret Data Policies

Endorsements, deprecations, and other policies are surfaced directly within the analysts’ workflow, making it more likely that these policies are adhered to.


Hear From Some Of Our Clients

EC Integrators’ Principal Consultants’ attention to detail, approach commitment and grasp of a highly complex strategic solution allowed for both short term and strategic wins.

WorkStar Award


ECI worked longer hours and harder than any of us to ensure that we deliver the system on time. All the credit really goes to ECI.

Kersi Katgara, IT Projects


I can now balance back to the cent – which is fantastic news !!!


Senior Sales & Marketing Analyst

EC Integrators’ Principal Consultants’ ownership and commitment ensured the project was completed within a very short time frame. Despite the task being substantially more complex than initiallt thought, they showed great dedication and determination to ensure the task was completed on time.

WorkStar Award


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