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A faster, more manageable and collaborative process

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The erwin Unified Platform

Enterprise Data Management Made Collaborative

A Modern Enterprise Data Management Platform

For governing your business’ data, data mappings and automating the manual data integration process.

erwin: Mapping Manager

The first enterprise solution which comprises both a metadata and data mapping repository which solves the “Pre-ETL” Source-To-Target mapping problem.

Innovation for Enterprise Data Management

erwin will make your business data visible, transparent and valuable to everyone.

Faster, and Collaborative

erwin will promote better data quality surround the entire data mapping process to make the process faster, more manageable and collaborative.

Multiple Deployment Options

On-Premise, cloud and hybrid deployment options available.

Revolutionise Your Data Management Architecture

erwin is on the leading edge of data warehousing and business intelligence, with advanced, metadata driven solutions for any industry, and any architecture.


Hear From Some Of Our Clients

EC Integrators’ Principal Consultants’ attention to detail, approach commitment and grasp of a highly complex strategic solution allowed for both short term and strategic wins.

WorkStar Award


ECI worked longer hours and harder than any of us to ensure that we deliver the system on time. All the credit really goes to ECI.

Kersi Katgara, IT Projects


I can now balance back to the cent – which is fantastic news !!!


Senior Sales & Marketing Analyst

EC Integrators’ Principal Consultants’ ownership and commitment ensured the project was completed within a very short time frame. Despite the task being substantially more complex than initiallt thought, they showed great dedication and determination to ensure the task was completed on time.

WorkStar Award


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