Executing and Managing Data Governance

Providing Data Stewards with tools to address data issues and working with data specialists is a central part of data governance.

Powering the data-driven enterprise

Ask EC Integrators how ASG can help you compete in the digital era while ensuring compliance.

ASG’s Enterprise Data Intelligence

Know Your Data, Know Your Business With

Automate Data Inventory for Regulatory Compliance and Agility

Business and IT users need to find and understand their data at the speed of business to stay competitive and compliant with evolving regulations.

Ensure Compliance with Privacy Regulations
Every business must comply with data privacy regulations. GDPR regulates the collection of private data about European citizens. The California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) places new requirements on the collection of data on California residents. And more regulation is coming. A core part of compliance is the ability to quickly locate all Personal Information managed to demonstrate compliance to supervisory authorities. ASG Data Intelligence automates the scanning and identification of personally identifiable data across your data estate carrying forward the tagging of critical data, data privacy and quality information. Read More

Find and Use the Right Data
The combination of a Business Glossary with the enterprise repository connects business assets with IT assets and provides context to find the right data and the confidence that drives better decisions, faster.

ASG uniquely integrates a wide range of information categories into a single view, simplifying access to trusted data across the enterprise.

Understand your Organization’s Information Supply Chain

Data Governance and compliance programs require an understanding of where information comes from, how systems process it, and how it’s used. ASG Data Intelligence provides market leading data lineage capabilities tracing data from origin to where it delivers value.

Build a Strong Foundation for Understanding Data
ASG has long been recognized for its comprehensive and industry-leading capabilities for ingesting and understanding metadata from diverse sources including prevalent relational databases, data warehouses, big data, ETL tools, source code, business intelligence tools, enterprise applications, and file systems. ASG offers the broadest reach for the hybrid enterprise with supported technologies spanning legacy platforms, including mainframe and on-premises distributed, to modern platforms including public cloud services. Whether it’s ensuring regulatory compliance, migrating applications to the cloud, taming data sprawl, or improving decision-making, the key to success is a strong data inventory and we’ve got you covered. Please contact ASG for a review of your coverage requirements.

Trace and Understand your Most Valuable Assets
Traceable data is trusted data and trusted data creates confidence in decisions and reduces risk. ASG is able to trace “hops” from source to target and allows you to connect or “stitch” together and govern gaps that can be automatically bridged.


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EC Integrators’ Principal Consultants’ attention to detail, approach commitment and grasp of a highly complex strategic solution allowed for both short term and strategic wins.

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ECI worked longer hours and harder than any of us to ensure that we deliver the system on time. All the credit really goes to ECI.

Kersi Katgara, IT Projects


I can now balance back to the cent – which is fantastic news !!!


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EC Integrators’ Principal Consultants’ ownership and commitment ensured the project was completed within a very short time frame. Despite the task being substantially more complex than initiallt thought, they showed great dedication and determination to ensure the task was completed on time.

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