A Federated Data Application Framework

Enabling data from anywhere, to be used by humans and machines – not just analytics or business applications

Is it possible to use data to make a difference for your business?

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The fraXses Federated Data Application Framework

Driven by Metadata for the Next Generation of Business Solutions

An Intelligent Platform Providing Data Virtualisation

Discover data sources such as schema or schema-less databases, files and streaming data, as well as possible links between data sets and streams.

Better User Experience

No matter the technology behind it, fraXses provides the user with the experience of working with a single corporate regional database.

Innovation for Enterprise Data Management

erwin will make your business data visible, transparent and valuable to everyone.

Address Challenges Not Solvable by Traditional Systems

fraXses has created a range of market specific, business focused applications to address a range of challenges, including in customer ARC.

Unique Configuration Driven Methodology

Delivering a solution that overcomes the data silo and big data challenges faced by your organisation.

Working With Best of Breed Technology Providers

fraXses works with technology partners MemSQL and Vormetric, whose solutions have been integrated into the fraXses platform as added value modules.


Hear From Some Of Our Clients

EC Integrators’ Principal Consultants’ attention to detail, approach commitment and grasp of a highly complex strategic solution allowed for both short term and strategic wins.

WorkStar Award


ECI worked longer hours and harder than any of us to ensure that we deliver the system on time. All the credit really goes to ECI.

Kersi Katgara, IT Projects


I can now balance back to the cent – which is fantastic news !!!


Senior Sales & Marketing Analyst

EC Integrators’ Principal Consultants’ ownership and commitment ensured the project was completed within a very short time frame. Despite the task being substantially more complex than initiallt thought, they showed great dedication and determination to ensure the task was completed on time.

WorkStar Award


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